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Premier Image’s main activities are digital photographic printing, handmade framing and the assembly of contemporary artwork. With over 15 years’ experience of printing and handmade framing, they have helped artists, illustrators and photographers from all over the UK and abroad to reproduce and frame their artwork. They specialise in Epson Digigraphie printing which allows reproductions of work printed to a high quality specification. And as members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, you know that they are working to the Guild’s very high standards, giving buyers extra confidence in both the quality of the artwork and the framing.




All prints undergo an inspection process checking for color consistency, manipulation errors and any faults within the print media. Images are also checked for poor resolution and sharpness to ensure the highest quality print is produced.


Board Mounting

If you have chosen to have your prints framed, then they will be passed to board mounting. Using a press, your prints will be fixed to strong adhesive card which will prolong the life of your prints and stop the prints warping or rippling inside the frame.



The framing department will cut and assemble your ordered frame which is hand-made and inspected to the highest quality checks. They first check the moulding for defects to ensure consistency. The frame moulding is cut using precision machinery to ensure mitre joins align smoothly. The frame is then glued and pinned, this process ensures the frame has strong corner joints and stays sturdy through the years.


Frame finishing

Once assembled, your frame is then passed on to the frame finishers who file any slight overhangs the frame may have before finishing the frame corners using purpose made finishing pastes, these pastes are purposely produced to match our frame colors as closely as possible resulting in a professionally finished frame.


Mount Cutting

Premier Image has cutting edge machinery developed with the sole purpose of creating mount cards, this machinery is able to cut both bevelled or straight cuts. It is also capable of cutting multiple mounts with many custom apertures. The possibilities are endless.



Once your prints reach our assembly department, they are matched with your mounts and frames by the experienced assembly staff. The assembly team then begin to mount your images onto your chosen mount cards using framing tape.



Your mounted image is then placed under glass, the assembly operator ensures there is no dust between the glass and mounted image before sealing the glass and mount card to ensure no dust ever gets inside your product.



The mounted and glassed print is then placed within the frame and an mdf back board is fixed to the rear of the product and pinned in place. This ensures the print is secure and further strengthens the product.



Once pinned the product has a final check for dust or faults before being sealed. The rear of the product is sealed with high quality framing tape, giving the products’ rear a quality finish.



The final step in the assembly process is attaching the hanging string. The string is attached using quality d-rings and once tied off any loose ends are taped up to give the string a professional finish.



Before moving on to dispatch, the product is packaged using a protective film bag and protective foam corners, this ensures your product stays safe during the delivery process.


Box Cutting

All box packaging is now produced in-house using cutting edge CAD machinery, this ensures that every product, even the bespoke frames come with perfectly sized packaging.

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